Around the Contact Station

The contact station is where all the visitors to the Cliff Dwellings have to stop and pay their fee, get an orientation from us volunteers, etc. These are just some photos of life around there, the constantly changing array of flowers and some of the bugs, spiders, and assorted wildlife that appears there daily. Enjoy!

s-1b-Lizards1 s-1c s-1d s-1e-Birdie s-2a-Cleome s-2b s-2c s-2d s-2e s-2f s-2g

Over one weekend recently I got to feed two of the trail crew horses, Birdsong and Gordo. Poor horses were getting eaten alive by the flies. I have to toughen up because they spend their lives out in the wilderness. It was fun taking care of them for a few days and treating them to a few applies. They would not take them from my hand, but readily ate them after I put them into the trough and turned my back!  Here is Birdsong:


A few more pictures from the contact station a few days later: (The first 2 photos are of Long-Flowered Four O’Clocks)

s-1a-Flower s-1b-Flower s-Flower Name s-Pretty Bug s-Purple Caterpillar s-Spider

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