Trash Pickup Day

Today I helped pick up trash along a 10 mile stretch of wilderness road. By “wilderness road” I mean the road that comes from Silver City up to the Cliff Dwellings. It was actually fun putting up the “Road Work Ahead” signs, then cruising along at 9-10 mph hanging out the sliding door of the park’s minivan yelling “stop!” whenever I spotted trash and nabbing it with a grabber. The weather is again stunningly beautiful – about 75-80, bright sunny skies and the usual 25-30+ mph winds.

I bought a sewing machine and have been making curtains for the RV having grown tired of the other window treatments. After the curtains, of course, I’ll have to see about reupholstering! Ah, a woman’s work is never done!

Volunteers are always coming and going here. Two ladies left last week, leaving only Joan, Mike, Eddie, John, Kathy and me. I believe there are 2-3 new people coming in soon and my friends the Roths are arriving in mid-June. I have to admit that the work weeks drag a little, but in the overall scheme of things the first month has zipped by. Not much social life in the Gila outside of us volunteers. There is an arche0logical dig starting in June about an hour away so most of us will be volunteering down there (an hour away) on our days off.

The photos immediately below are from a hike to the Cosgrove site. We try not to give visitors the site locations, preferring to let them discover them on their own to help prevent visitor traffic. How about the BIG tree I am hugging below, huh! The river rock has little jelly-like squishy critters on it as well as lots of little wiggly critters, too.  Sorry about the non-technical jargon, but I sure had fun discovering them as well as one of the many hot springs flowing into the Gila river.

s-1a-Gila s-1a-Pictograph 1 s-1b s-2a-Dwellings s-2b s-3a-Hugging Trees s-3b s-3c-Critters on Bit of Bark s-3d-Discovering mroe Hot Springs s-3e-Cool Bugs

The next few photos were from a recent workday up at the Cliff Dwellings. Most of the time we have great “lizard wars” going on. Here you see one of our cuties climbing across the “return trail” sign. Then you will see two of them discover the presence of the other, skirmish, then finally “detente”, peacefully coexisting on the same rock keeping vigil in different directions.

s-1a-Showing the way down trail s-1c s-1d s-1e-Detante s-1f-Flowers on Trail

My hike yesterday to 3-Mile Ruin started with lots of lizard sightings, of course! The lizard in the first photo below had a tail that was about one foot long! Then a close-up of his beautiful markings followed by another, obviously different lizard.

Beautiful scenery, what is left of the cliff dwelling ruins, then me enjoying more soaking in the beautiful river. There are tons of river crossings in this area! I think I have figured out what footwear works best without spending $100 on river shoes – cheap river shoes from WalMart worn under my old golf sandals! I’ll let you know the next time if it works. Today’s hike was about 8 miles round trip with 15 or so river crossings. One loses count so quickly!

s-1a-Long Tailed Lizard s-1b s-1c s-2a-River Crossings s-2b-Rock Formations s-2c s-3a-Three Mile Ruin s-3b s-3c

That is all for today. I think my bicycle was delivered to the visitor center today so I am off to get it. Then we have training on a new tour tonight for a couple of hours. By the way, we have Schwan delivery up here and their Hake fish filets are great! Don’t bother trying the Macaroni and Cheese balls – even though the first ingredient is cheddar cheese, they are flavorless dough balls. Not worth $10 and I am going to try to get my money back. Bye for now!

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2 Responses to Trash Pickup Day

  1. EJ & Martha says:

    Found your email & images very interesting. It’s good to know the roads up to your place have I trash. So you now have a bike, great way to stay in shape, espically on mountainous roads.

    So your making your own window curtains, that’s great to hear. However reupholstering sounds like a lot of work. But I’m sure your very capable of doing just that.

    Well we are now in Buena Vesta, Co. It’s very nice up here, lots of snow covered mountains. Today however we are back in Denver for a chiropractor visit in hopes of getting Martha’s back restored to normal. We will make this long trip at least one to two more times. When not doing that we plan to check out the vast mountains around us. We will be back in Moab the 30th of this month for a few days, then it’s off to Salt Lake City for all the weather related RV repairs. They will be installing two new awings, a sky light, roof vent, tv antenna and other stuff. They say it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get the parts in, and we are suppose to be in Banff, Albert, Canada on the 3rd of July…. With a little luck, all will work out.

    Looking forward to your next posting.

    EJ & Martha

  2. Jaclynn says:

    Amy! Looks like you’re having fun exploring around there! Kudos on getting a bicycle, and a sewing machine! Who’s in the cliff dwellings in that picture towards the bottom? I was trying to figure out the water shoe conundrum myself, but have decided to put it on hold for now – aside from (mostly) shallow/rocky stream crossings, there’s not too much to worry about here in that regard. But they make my barefoot shoes in a watershoe variety (with drainage holes!) as well, so I think when my pair finally bites the dust I’ll probably get the watershoe version – we’ll see. My interpretation of the first picture of pictographs that you have: this house is a hole where lives a monster with lots of big sharp teeth! I’m sure that’s what it meant… Rock on! ~Jaclynn

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