Almost Another 2 Weeks!

I cannot believe how fast time flies. I just looked back and saw that it has been 12 days since I last posted anything, so I’d better catch up a bit. I’ve now been to Silver City twice – just shopping and treating myself to breakfast out last week. I’m not sure if I will go this week – it is Monday and I spent the day cleaning the RV (including the dusty screens), washing clothes and preparing a fruit salad for tonight’s pot luck. With people coming and going all the time there are a lot of pot lucks and I’m feeling a little pressure to brush up on my culinary skills!

Here is what I wrote last Sunday, thinking I would post that day: I’ve been working the last 3 days, so today (Sunday morning) is my last workday. The Gila bike races have been taking place since Wednesday. It is the economic engine for the area of Silver City bringing bicycle racers from all over the world. The race today will bring the most racers as it is a 100+ mile race from Silver City, up route 15, then down route 35 and back to Silver.

I’ve been told that they do a turnaround in the Visitor Center parking lot and zoom away. The biggest impact seems to be that the road closures severely limit the ability of people to come to the monument. For instance, Friday we had fewer than 100 visitors between the visitor center and the cliff dwellings. Today we had 195 visitors at the cliff dwellings alone! I expect almost no visitors today. We’ll see!

I just wanted to share a few photos as I never get tired of watching Zuni watch the birdies. Although the hummingbirds are easier to keep fed, she seems to prefer the larger birds that come to the woodpecker feeder at the back of the RV. I need to run to WalMart to stock up on those seed blocks to keep her entertained! The birdies demolished the seed block in less than 3 days. Perhaps I’d better learn to make them!

Here are some of our backyard visitors, Zuni “on point” for the hummers, then tuckered out after chasing them for an hour:

s-1a-Backyard Visitors s-1b s-1c-Zuni on Point s-1d-Tired Kitty

Here is another morning visitor, me dressed for work (the mornings have been down around freezing lately!), and some of our local lizards (two crevice spiney lizards and one other):

 s-1a-Birdie s-1b-Freezing Temps in Morning s-1c-Spiney Crevice Lizard s-1e s-1f

“Good morning!” yesterday from the mule deer population:

s-1a-Good morning

So, as I wrote, here it is Monday, May 13. The only other thing of note that I did was another 12 mile or so hike with co-worker, Eddie. The real highlight was that I was the “leader” going through a sandy wash and was looking ahead when I stepped right over a snake that was over 6 feet long! Fortunately for me it was a gopher snake, but I was stunned that I had not seem it. God bless his placid little soul!

The scenery was spectacular and I saw my first bald eagle out here!

s-Gopher Snake

s-Great Scenery

s-great scenery 2

s-Bald Eagle

I’ll write more about the week later! Gotta go finish laundry and get ready for dinner!

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One Response to Almost Another 2 Weeks!

  1. Edward McDonald says:

    Very interesting, especially when you stepped over that snake. I do like your method of entertainment for Zuni … But now that you have your new bike, will you be entering the bike races too?

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