Last Big Bend Hike/2 Days in Las Cruces

My friends called me nuts, but I really wanted to take a last hike in Big Bend before I had to leave. It was 104 degrees that day hence the “crazy lady” nickname! At first it seemed like there was not much blooming but the few cacti that existed were in flower and the desert willow was just about done. There were little lavender flower bits at odd locations in the sand. Color in the desert is always so eye catching! Here are a few of the photos from that last hike as well as some of the remnants of civilization that I enjoyed finding and one of the two mule deer I scared. It was a nice day of flat hiking, hot wind and solitude.

s-1a-Not much flowering s-1b-Mule Deer Fleeing s-1c-Remains of House s-1d-Remains s-1e-Desert Willow Blooming s-1f-Desert Willow

The evidence of volcanic activity and cataclysm is all around us and amazing at Big Bend.

s-1g-Volcanic Activity

Then, just when you get to thinking there are no animals around you come upon evidence to the contrary like this scat collection in the middle of an old roadway!

s-2a-Scat collection

The ruins of a town. I was surprised that the automobiles were made of wood frames and metal. I took pictures of the heavy, flat plate glass windows (broken, of course) and thought about how far we have come regarding safety glass, crumple zones, bumpers, etc. The last photo is of a critter hole. You better believe I peered into it, made noise, etc. before sticking my fingers down there to give some perspective to the size of the hole. Note how the “floor” has been lined with mud. Pretty neat, huh?

s-2b-Remains of town s-2c-Car s-2d-Wood Frame-Metal s-2e-Critter Den

Jaclynn and I left Rio Grande Village at 8:00 a.m. and got to Las Cruces in the late afternoon – about a 7 hour trip with a lunch break and nap. This will probably be the last post until I figure out what (if any) internet and phone service there is in Gila. Email is probably best for now! I know I’ll be able to check it at the ranger station periodically.

One last photo of me that someone took at the Highland Games. I laughed because my first thought was, “gee, she’s got a lot of teeth!!”

Amy Cheering on someone

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