The Highland Games

Today the river district (law enforcement) sponsored the first annual Highland Games. It was a great way for the younger set to blow off some steam and have a bunch of fun. The contestants had to wear kilts so some of them have been planning their outfits for months. Others designed their garb after imbibing mass quantities of alcohol at a different party last night.

The whole thing was great fun and the winners were surprisingly the oldest contestants among all the competitors!! Whoo hoo!

In addition to kilts, there was warrior face painting:

s-1a-Face Painting

Daisy, back country volunteer, was the official photographer:

s-1b-Daisy Off Photog

Here are the categories of competition:

s-1c-The Categories

The volunteer gang, the reading of the rules (note many kilts!), and the tug of love (to be followed at the end of the competition by a tug of war!):

s-1d-Volunteers s-1e-Reading the rules s-1f-Tug of Love

More kilts (underwear was a great break from Scottish tradition), Raymond Skiles, park biologist and ultimate overall male winner, showing off the muscles that won top honors!

s-1g-kilts-Underwear s-1i-Raymond Posing

“Best Dressed” Allen Etheridge (top law enforcement) and his wife, Shanna:

2b-Best Dressed

Raymond and Alyssa take top honors, both holding the custom made laser cut plaques that the park makes onsite, Matt Graden as top warrior, and, yes, even I wore pastel war paint to get into the spirit of the games.

s-1j-Big Winners s-1k-Alyssa s-2a-Matt Graden Best Warrior s-3a-Yes War Paint

A hot, hot day now, so I am relaxing air the air conditioning on and got to talk to Heather & Darren.

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