Easter Day – 95 Degrees at 5:00 p.m.

Today I had grand plans for hiking during the cooler hours, but felt I needed to help Jane clean up after the mass exodus of Easter weekend visitors. It was HOT so I was beat after cleaning up 20 sites – picking up trash, wiping out the bear boxes, etc. Five hours was enough and I’m taking it easy until the evening hours when it will be much cooler. I’ve even got the air conditioning running!

The most interesting thing today was the gypsy wagon pictured below. In case you want to learn more about this couple and their travels here is their blog address: http://wanderingbookartists.blogspot.com/ They are camping here and were kind enough to let me see the inside of their trailer and take pictures.

s-Gypsy Wagon1 s-Gypsy Wagon2 s-Gypsy Wagon3

Not much new today. I plan to drive the Old Ore Road to Ernst Tinaja later this evening. A tinaja is where water accumulates. Desert critters are very dependent upon them for their survival. Additional information from yesterday:

Black Throated Sparrow:

s3b-Curious About Me

Rock Nettle:


Whitethorn Acacia:


Prickly Poppy:

s5b-Ridge Flower

Texas Rainbow Cactus:





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