Ah, Spring Break!

1a-Spring Break

Spring Break: Some days you are the roadrunner. Some days you are the lizard.

Spring Break seems to have started with a whimper. The Chisos and Cottonwood campgrounds were full last night, but Rio Grande Village campground only had about 75% occupancy. There were a lot of people who did not arrive in time for their reservations and I saw about 3-4 cars come in after hours. I’m sure there will be more today, though. So far, what a nice bunch of campers – we’ve changed over from snowbirds to families and nature-loving college students.

On my last days off I enjoyed seeking out wild life at Daniels Ranch. I have to make a correction – the brown striped bird is an American Bittern not a heron. Another day I climbed Emory Peak but did not quite summit. I was too relaxed to make the last quarter mile push to the top, but had a grand time anyway. Some photos follow (Getting close to the peak, the rock scramble, and the peak in view with radio antennas, transmitters, etc.). I’m off to make a first round this lovely Saturday morning. The wind kicked up last night just enough to cool off the mid-80’s swelter we experienced yesterday. Beautiful sleeping weather for the campers! Although I have to admit I did not get to sleep until just after midnight and was awake by 5:00 a.m. . . .

s-1a-Getting close to Emory Peak s-1b-The Rock Scramble to Emory s-1c-Peak within View


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