I Woke Up Grumpy!

Anyone who knows me knows I NEVER, EVER wake up grumpy, but today it happened! (Generator hours here are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) A guy next to me started up his generator at 6:25 a.m. and I was really ticked off that I had to get up, put on my uniform, socks, shoes, etc. and tell him to shut it off! Of course there was no sleeping after that . . . That’s about it for today!

Actually, it was a very pleasant day after that. I chased around some “trespass” Mexican dogs foraging in the campground. Then I froze my fingers off doing rounds this morning but by noon it had warmed up so much that I changed into my summer uniform – shorts, short sleeved shirt, cute little brown shoes and white socks. What a fashion statement, huh? (Actually, I never complain about having to wear a uniform because it makes managing my wardrobe so easy!)

When our law enforcement officer was available I had to check the payments in the iron ranger to see if Site #33 had paid their fees. (The “iron ranger” is the steel box where visitor insert their fee envelopes.) All is well – the guests just had assumed that February had 31 days and forgot to place their tag on the post outside their campsite. Then I got to clean up the huge mess made by two of our campers who burned wood last night. (Wood fires are a huge no-no.) Jane had asked them to put the fires out last night, but there was still a ton of charcoal and one very (still) hot fire to extinguish and clean up at noon.

The afternoon excitement was radio and phone calls from law enforcement to search for a specific vehicle, but NOT to make contact. That usually means they are bad dudes or dudettes. Fortunately for me, LE found them somewhere other than the Rio Grande Village campground! Excellent!

All the generators were shut down promptly by 8:00 tonight, I stood over a couple of different campers while they extinguished their wood fire, and now peace and quiet reigns under the absolutely gorgeous, star-filled sky tonight. Off to slumber after the 10:00 start of “quiet hours”! Good night!

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One Response to I Woke Up Grumpy!

  1. Royann Brockett says:

    Sure sounds like a typical RGV Host day. I sometimes considered sleeping in uniform when I was scrambling to dress. What’s really annoying is to have to get up after you’ve gone to bed for the night , to shut down noisy campers or generators.
    People mess up the dates on the envelopes ALL the time and have difficulty with the concept of putting the receipt on the clip. I usually just spoke with them or left a fee reminder notice on their windshield. Pulling the safe to look for envelopes gets old!!!

    Wood fires are problem for sure. I made a point when talking with campers to stress the danger of fires and that the fire truck &fire fighters were 20 miles away. Granted there are some responders in RGV if they are available but I never counted on that.

    My nightmare was having to evacuate the CG for fire. Not a pleasant thought. Luckily we only dealt with 1 fire issue in the 14 yrs and that was a small trailer on #28. The folks put a roast in the oven and then went away. Our cohosts were doing rounds and discovered smoke pouring out of the trailer. Bill immediately turned off the propane tank &disconnected the battery, while Barb called dispatch. We heard her on the radio grabbed our fire extinguisher and headed back there. 1 of the local rangers heard the call and came and broke the door in to be sure no one was inside. That’s when the source of the smoke coming from the oven was identified. By the time the fire truck & crew from PJ showed up 25 minutes later things were under control . Needless to say dinner was ruined and the people were none to happy about the broken door and the smoke damage. We were just thankful that it hadn’t turned into a real fire as that back road is a tinder box with all the dead brush.
    Wishing you a great week as Spring Break arrives.

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