Sunday February 10 – Laguna Meadows & Boot Canyon

On my day off it is always nice to find someone to hike with. One of our campground visitors, Ann, and her brother-in-law, Tim, wanted some company doing the South Rim Trail in the Chisos Basin. There are several trains you can take, but our basic route was about 14 miles up Laguna Meadows and down through Boot Canyon. When I was here in late November/early December 2011 it was very cold. I recorded that all the water in Boot Canyon was frozen solid and it was 20 degrees one night when I went to a ranger program in the Chisos Amphitheater.

We had a nice time on his hike as we all hiked about the same speed and paced ourselves well. At the top of the South Rim we encountered a group of people riding mules:

s-1a-Mule Tourists

Since I’ve been fat and lost weight I normally don’t say much, but we all noticed that this mule appeared to be a little lame:

s-1b-Lame Mule

Proof that I was on the rim:

s-2a-On the South Rim

I’ve always loved Boot Canyon because, to me, it looks like prime mountain lion habitat. We are 99% sure that this tree had been used as a scratching post for one! Last time I was here I had shown a picture of mountain lion scat, but we did not see any this time.

s-2b-Convinced of Mtn Lion Clawing

The ranger’s cabin at Boot Spring looks a lot worse for wear. They keep supplies here and there is a corral for horses in the back.

s-2c-Boot Canyon Cabin Wear

The “Boot Canyon” namesake:

s-2d-Boot Canyon Namesake

That’s all folks!

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One Response to Sunday February 10 – Laguna Meadows & Boot Canyon

  1. Barb Petrucci says:

    Hi Amy, long time no see. Bob Burke just passed on your blog and its amazing, and you look amazing. This adventure in your life truly suits you. I look forward to following your blog. Barb Petrucci

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