Monday, February 11 – Hot Springs Trail

Today I relaxed most of the morning, ordered a couple of things online, etc. Before I took a shower I checked on Zuni’s whereabouts and found her sleeping like an angel in my bed so I didn’t worry about anything laying around the house. Boy, was I wrong! My little “angel” turned into the “angel of death” for the toilet paper roll which I had forgotten to hide in the bathroom cabinet:

s-1a-Zuni TP Slayer

In the next half hour she was really getting rambunctious and was clearly seeking a way out through the ceiling vent:

s-1b-Zuni Escaping out Vent

When I finally got on my way I made a 3-mile trek through the nearby Daniel’s Ranch to the Hot Springs:

s-2a-Road thru Daniels Ranch


Scat of unknown origin (for all of you who have been missing my scat photos!):


Looking up the Rio Grande towards the lush hot springs area:

s-2d-Rio Grande

When things begin to “green up” and flower they are really striking!

s-2e-Greening Up s-2f-Flower2

At the end of the day I went over to one of my counterpart’s friends RV and we enjoyed a private concert on her Swedish instrument called a nyckelharpa. I did not take my camera along to get a picture of Leigh playing it, so I found a photo at Wickipedia and put it below. The nyckelharpa is sort of like a violin with 4 main strings, 12 resonating strings and a 3-tiered keyboard which acts like frets to make the different chords. It is played with a bow and one hand for the keyboard. Very pretty music. To me it looks more like a dulcimer than a violin, but the entire evening was very nice. The skies were extremely clear tonight and the milky way is stunning!



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