Branson to, well, Wichita Falls, TX . . .

Well, this was not quite the plan, but here is what happened: I thought I just had a leaking valve stem on one of the RV tires, but it turned out to be a flat tire as well. So, I felt I had lucked out and the guys at Walmart in Branson took care of the problem – in theory! Today I drove about 400 miles, and yes, I made a couple of vehicle checks along the way. Well, I was on the highway when a man flagged me down, indicting with hand gestures that I had a tire problem.

I stopped on the roadside since there was no safe exit and it turned out that both the lug nuts holding on the wheel cover (of the tire Walmart had fixed) had come entirely off and the wheel cover was hanging by the valve extension hoses and abrading the tire!

The nice guy led me to the nearest Walmart since I told him the story about the “fix”. I spent about 1.5 hours there in the freezing cold and the bottom line was that he could not get the wheel cover to stay on. So, I am camping in the parking lot of T&W Tire Repair in Wichita Falls awaiting their opening at 7:30 a.m. Hopefully, they can help and I can be back on the road! Life is never dull, huh?

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday and today. First are 2 photos of the sunset and moon over Table Rock Lake.



Zuni checking out every nook and cranny as I get the RV ready for travel:


As soon as we are under way Zuni gets into her favorite seat for travel. This morning the sunshine was especially warm and made for cozy travel:


Most of southern Missouri and northern Oklahoma were encased in ice. Very pretty!



Good night from the parking lot! (I forgot to mention I am running the generator and have plenty of heat and television! Not so bad.)

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