Time at Home, then On My Way to Big Bend!

I have been a real slug, not keeping up on the blog. Came home at the end of October to regroup and enjoy some time with family and friends. I’ll just share some photos below. At this point (Saturday, January 12) I am spending some time in Branson, Missouri on my way to Big Bend National Park for my 3 month camp host job.

The last time I printed out my blog from WordPress I found out that the photo captions do not print from this site – boo hoo! So this is my first attempt to document so I’ll have that info. . .

Christmas at the Rialto Festival of Trees courtesy of ExxonMobil and Heather:

Rialto Christmas

Rialto Chtistmas 2

Safety Overseer on Christmas Decorating project at Darren and Heather’s house:

12-8-12 Xmas Decorating Safely

12-8-12 Heather

Cutting the REAL tree with Gwen, Garrett and Isbella. Hot chocolate and donuts afterwards, of course!:

12-1-12 Allars Getting Christmas Tree

“Tuba Christmas” at the Fox Valley Mall:

12-8-12 4-Garrett-1

12-8-12 5-Garrett-2

12-8-12 3-Isabella-B

(Sorry, no photos of Gwen as she had dental surgery that week! Aren’t you proud of me for not posting everything??)

Madrigals with April (a friend from Wheaton Bible Church):

Madrigals 12-13-2012

Christmas with the Refresh group at Kris’s home: (Front row: Mary, Heather, Carol, Helen. Back Row: Kris, Betty, me, Jaye & Patti)

2012-12-11 Refrresh

Somehow I did not take many pictures, but we had a lovely get together, “Christmas at Gwen’s”, with Violet, Darren, Heather, Gwen, Garrett, Isabella and me: (Remember the sweater Darren is wearing – you MAY see it later!)

D-H at Gwens

Amy at Gwens

Christmas Day at Maddy’s restaurant with the gang: (me, Joyce, Ross, Darren, Heather, Ruth in foreground)

Amy-Joyce-Ross-Darren-Heather-Ruth at Maddies

Back at the ranch (the Hollywood Casino RV Park where I winter camped), this was Zuni’s life:

Zuni at ease

Bird Watching 1

Bird Watching 2

Deer Christmas Day

A gathering at Mary’s house the day before Darren’s birthday – Happy Birthday!:

1-6-13 D-H at Gajcaks

Steve’s well-known love of wigs revealed:

1-6-13 Steves love of wigs

Remember that Christmas sweater? Here is the whole ensemble – Darren was masterful in his choices!

1-6-13 D Christmas outfit

I am currently waiting out a winter weather system that is passing through the Ozarks. The temperatures have been in the 50-60’s, there was sunshine yesterday as you will see in the pictures following. Today is Saturday, the fog and heavy overcast has settled in again and the temperatures are supposed to plummet tonight. Andrew’s Landing is right across from Table Rock Lake State Park and there is a great hiking path along the lake-shore. Enjoy some photos:

Branson 1 Andrews landing

Ah, full hookups!

Branson 2 All Amenities

Branson 3 Crow

Branson 4 Sunrise

Branson 5 Bluebirds

Branson 6 Woodpecker

Branson 7 Table Rock Lake Path

This little gal was garbage picking by the paddle-wheel boat area . . .

Branson 8 Garbage picker by paddle wheel boat

Meanwhile, Zuni enjoys some downtime while I read a book . . . She is probably getting caught up on her sleep for some long travels in a day or two!

Branson 9 Zuni back at ranch

The end! (For today anyway!)

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