Zion NP-Observation Point Hike

Yesterday (Thursday) I hiked about 8.4 miles round trip to Observation Point. Not sure if it is the highest point in the park, but it was very spectacular. I even saw my first condor! I’d been told that they were at the Grand Canyon, too, but never really saw them. This time the condor flew directly overhead. It was female A3 of a mated pair and ranger on the bus was going to report her location to the trackers. Slot canyon that I crossed through along the way to Overlook Point:

Typical trail scene. Most of the trail was concreted over during the CCC days to ease the way for hikers. Nowadays this type of “interference” with nature would not even be considered in the national parks.

With only 15 inches of rain on average the plants cling to every available surface.

Can you tell that I really like these geometric lines?

Looking back up at Observation Point (the highest point in center of photo).

At a junction of the trails I was looking at hikers who had taken the Hidden Canyon trail. These folks are hanging onto a chain which is installed along the trail. None of my friends here will do this trail because it is slick rock, sandy, extremely narrow AND slants towards more than 1000′ shear dropoffs! If you have to pass someone on this trail, you hold the chain with one hand, reach around the person you are passing and grab the chain. then they carefully move past you while you let go with the other hand. Friends are adamant that I should not do this trail. Hmmm. . . .

At Observation Point where everyone stops to eat lunch, there were at least 2 dozen of these very fast-moving chipmunks. I call this one Ninja Chipmunk because his ears are bent back and he is clearly on a mission.

Here is my best photo of A3 female condor. Pretty neat huh?

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