A Few Photos from Zion NP

Okay, so I lied about not posting for a while. I wanted to share some photos from the park. I especially like the mountain climbers! A ranger talk with a bunch of kids at the Zion lodge Tuesday morning.:

John Deer Deer – ha ha!

The view from my campsite at the South area, #77

The Virgin River which runs within 50 feet of my campsite.

This is the rock face where I first saw the rock climbers. See them? (Of course not!)

I’ve zoomed in on this ridge that sticks out and you will see them soon.

Climber #1

A closeup of climber #1

Climber #2

The bed where they spent the night tightly tied in I’m sure! This is a climb of approximately 1.5 days.

Equipment bags that they were in the process of pulling up. I did not get to stick around to watch them complete the ascent. I took these photos over 15 minutes or so.

Back at the campground in the evening this arch was visible due to the angle of the sun. That’s all folks!

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