Tuesday Morning

According to the Fiesta program, there were races going on this morning, but it was SO much more. Lots of balloons! I was pleased that Ruth got to see so many of them and the crowds were light. We are going over to dinner with Anne and JG from Fairbanks along with Bob, Bunnie, Glenn and Hazel. Tomorrow morning is International Day so hopefully lots of the foreign balloons will go up! Yesterday morning was 39 and almost made 70 by midday, but today was about 44 with 80 as an expected high. Much more comfortable! The National Anthem today:

A hodgepodge of balloons today – note how many of them are touching. The field was crowded, so it was a great show!

On of the Fiesta balloons came so close overhead at the discovery tent that I thought it was going to land on us!

Many of the special shapes went up today. The weather forecast for the official “special shapes” events on Thursday and Friday is not good, so I took a few extra pictures while the weather was great today.

The bee family!

The Lion King

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

The Storm Troopers Meet the NASA Astronaut

I loved the horse patrol. Some of the horses were SO large! Ruth was close enough to hear that when they were standing around in an unorganized group, when the leader clacked a plastic pole, they horses all got in formation and marched together.

Last photo of the day – The End!

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