Albuquerque First Couple of Days

Friday I drove almost 300 miles over to the Albuquerque area in preparation for the upcoming 2 weeks at the Balloon Fiesta. It was a pleasant drive and I stopped a couple of times for a little rest. I did not want to stop but one of the most awful looking areas was Mal Pais (Bad Place). There is a national monument there, but the ground for miles around appeared to be jagged, black volcanic rock that was so full of heaves that I’m not quite sure how one would be able to walk across it! Very interesting.

I’m only spending 3 nights here. Tomorrow I go to the balloon fiesta dry camping area. Oh, joy! I am eager to work for the next two weeks and hope they have enough to keep me busy and that I make some new friends. We’ll see. I think I’ll also learn a lot about ballooning since I have to attend training Tuesday night so that I can help visitors to the Balloon Discovery Center. I got my first taste of how amazing it will be to see the skies filled with balloons Saturday morning when I drove across town to pick up some mail. There were about 2 dozen brightly colored balloons taking off across the cityscape. Just imagine how it might look with hundreds of balloons in the air at the same time!

There are a half dozen vintage RVs that people can rent just like a motel room. I did not show it here, but there is one that reminds me of Lucy and Desi’s “Long, Long Trailer”.

I especially like this one because the center petroglyph looks like a balloon – they must have known hundreds of years in advance of the Balloon Fiesta!

The RV camping field at the balloon fiesta grounds in Albuquerque. This may not look like much to anyone else, but when I looked out and saw the guide leading Hazel, Glenn, Bob and Bunnie into their spots RIGHT NEXT TO MINE (!) I was pretty happy! They are my friends from Fairbanks and none of them knew they were being placed here. Finally – friends!

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