Walnut Canyon National Monument

I had to move sites at Homolovi State Park because someone had booked a reservation on my site. Harumph! No problems, though, as it only took me about 10 minutes to relocate to site #33. Always, always be careful when opening electrical boxes . . . This little guy’s body was only about 3/8″, but you never know if they are packing poison!

The Good Wife DVD’s I’d ordered finally came in today, so I drove to Flagstaff to pick them up. On the way home I stopped to see Walnut Canyon National Monument and it became one of my favorites! It was home to hundreds of Puebloans about 1100 years ago. They farmed on the high ground but made their homes in the side of the canyon – cool shade in the summer, protection from rain and snow, Mexican spotted owls and mountain lions for neighbors – lovely! I would love to live in the canyon, too, but alas it is a park instead.

One of the great views of Walnut Canyon with cliff dwellings viewable near the top.

The visitor center is barely visible at the top left under the clouds. Not a bad walk though. When I entered the park I told the ranger I probably would not go out on the trail because I had on flip flops, but he said it was paved so have a good time. I did!

A very nice day – I enjoyed imagining what it would be like to live in the canyon as an ancient Puebloan. On to Albuquerque!

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