Hovolopi State Park

This morning I was craving electricity, TV and the chance to see Good Morning America at just about any price so I moved from the beautiful Ten X Campground to this one, located a couple of miles east of Winslow, Arizona. I have electric and water hookups! And the park contains the ruins of ancient Hopi buildings along the Little Colorado River and is within driving distance of the Flagstaff WalMart (I am still waiting for a DVD I ordered to come in there) as well as Petrified Forest and Painted Dessert National Park, and historic Winslow.

I have to mention before I forget that back in the Grand Canyon it is rutting season for the elk and, boy, does one get an earful of bugling through most of the night and starting up again about 4:00 a.m.! Somehow, I thought the bugling would be kind of nice, but to me they sound like huge rusty hinges squealing long and loud. A very unique experience to say the least. As I left the park after hiking the last 5.5 miles of the South Rim there was a huge tourist jam due to the presence of elk everywhere. It was really funny seeing people park their cars willy-nilly, scrambling to get a good photo of ma and pa linking arms with amorous elk very close by in the background.

Here in the dessert a weather front with dark clouds, rain, dust storms and 30 mph winds has been rolling through. Most of the afternoon it was very pleasant as you will see from the pictures. Bugs cherish water in the dessert – the greeter at the dump station.

Home sweet home, Site #28 at Homolovi State Park:

The information center for the first ruins.

These ruins were once 3 stories high and you can see the various rooms. Many of the ruins were destroyed by souvenir and antiquity seekers.

Pottery sherds on display. Most of the pottery was destroyed over time.

The end for today. When asked if I should be careful of snakes or scorpions, the ranger told me I should carry a flashlight if I go walking at night because the snakes are active this time of year and will warm themselves on the pavement at night. Hmmmmm. . . . . no night time hikes for this lady!

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